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15 Quick and easy breakfast ideas

A healthy breakfast prevents unhealthy  weight gain, but late working hours or a rushed morning are the reasons why most of us tend to skip breakfast. For those who have no time in the morning, here are 15 breakfast ideas, which are healthy, nutritious and filling.

1. Energy bar:

This is the quickest way to increase your energy levels in the morning. But there are energy bars that contain preservatives and additives; hence it is advisable to prepare energy bars at home. Also, you can choose your own ingredients. For example, you can add nuts, fruits, oats, dark chocolate, dates, cinnamon, dried fruits, etc. Blend it and bake it or chill it. Store in an airtight jar and grab a couple of bars on your way out.

2 . Smoothies:

Dice and blend are the two steps you need to take, to make a smoothie. In a mixer or food processor add fruits with milk to make a healthy smoothie without artificial flavouring. You can chug it down or carry it with you to work.

3. Fruits:

Fruits are rich in fibre, antioxidants, carbohydrates and vitamins, ingredients you need to kick-start your day. Bananas and apples are a perfect combination to start the day.

4. Eggs:

Eggs are quick to prepare – boiled, fried, poached, scrambled or sunny side up. There are different ways to prepare eggs and this hearty breakfast will keep you satiated and charged throughout the day.

5. Peanut Butter:

Generously spread peanut butter between slices of whole wheat bread. This will boost your energy levels in the morning; and it can double up as a pre-workout snack. It will also keep you feeling full.

6. Oats:

Most offices have access to hot water. Have breakfast at your desk by preparing oats with piping hot water. Add dried fruits for natural flavouring and vitamins.

7. Date rolls:

Keep a jar of this: take dried dates and stuff them with nuts. Pop them in your mouth on your way out. This instant healthy breakfast is a powerhouse of energy.

8. Bruschetta:

No time to prepare upma or idli in the mornings, then try this quick breakfast idea. Take toast, generously spread ricotta cheese, beans or salsa. This Italian snack is not only healthy, but it is quick and easy to prepare.

9. Coffee:

Coffee is a great way to boost energy but you slump back to lethargy after ‘the effect wears off’. Coffee is also considered a pre workout food. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, since coffee tends to dehydrate you.

10. Muffins:

Prepare muffins with bran or oats and you can carry it with you as you  rush to work. Also, preparing muffins is not time consuming.

11. Celery sticks:

Peanut butter spread on celery sticks makes a great breakfast idea and can eaten as a snack too.

12. Cereal:

Instead of instant and packaged cereals, take a bowl, fill it up with wholegrain cereals without artificial flavouring and sugar. To this add berries and yoghurt.

13. Yoghurt:

There are several types of yoghurt available in the market – flavoured and with fruits. Avoid these and in a bowl add fruits, dried fruits or nuts to the yoghurt. You can also add cereals to this mix. For additional sweetness, add honey instead of sugar to the yoghurt.

14. Banana Oats Cookie:

This can be prepared in advance as you need to bake the cookies. Store them in an airtight jar and consume them fresh in the morning. You can also eat these  cookies with a glass of warm milk for additional  health benefits.

15. Instant Wrap:

Leftovers always come in handy. Most households have chapattis from the previous night; use them to make a quick Frankie or wrap. Toss in scramble eggs, and leftover salad and season it with herbs.

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