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Month: December 2013

Tips to build a positive attitude

Attitude is all about choice………….Tips to build a positive attitude Be an eternal learner: We get education but we are often not truly educated. Intellectual education influences the head while value-based education impacts the heart. But education that doesn’t train the heart is dangerous. Education that builds the fundamental traits of character like honesty, compassion, courage […]

Confidence building measures

Dump the past and decide what you want: Forget your past mistakes and failures and try to begin afresh. Just remember that you can begin from this point to create something new, erasing the past completely. You have total control on your reactions, so act calmly without holding someone responsible. Decide what you want for your […]

How to Dream Big and succeed ?

The development of unshakable self-confidence will open up such possibilities for you as you cannot now imagine. You will be able to dream bigger dreams, set bigger goals, make greater commitments and plunge into life more wholeheartedly than you ever have before. various laws that, if practised conscientiously, can train your mind to make you feel […]

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