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40 elective subjects for Discipline 1 (honours) courses-Delhi University

Delhi University has notified 40 subjects as academic or elective subjects which will be available as Discipline 1 (honours) courses in the 2014-15 session.

While accountancy will be treated equivalent to commerce wherever any board is not offering the latter as a subject, DU has also notified business studies, home science, physical education and music as academic or elective subjects which students can opt for honours degree admission.


Notifying the academic subjects and procedure for calculating best-of-four percentage for courses in which admission is done on such basis, DU stated that the 40 Discipline 1 subjects offered by it for undergraduate courses must be treated as academic or elective subjects. All other subjects offered by different boards must be treated as non-elective. All Discipline 1 subjects must have at least a 70% component of theory exam (excluding internal assessment, continuous evaluation, etc) for being treated as academic or elective subject.

The academic or elective subject to be offered for admission in Discipline 1 courses under FYUPfour-year-undergraduate programme include physics, chemistry, botany, geology, zoology, anthropology, microbiology, biochemistry, biomedical sciences, maths, statistics, computer science, instrumentation, food technology, psychology, electronics, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Persian, commerce, economics, political science, history, geography, philosophy, home science, physical education, sociology, polymer science, music, Punjabi, social work, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
However, home science, music and physical education will be treated as academic or elective only for honours in home science, music and physical education, respectively. The university also notified that biology and business studies will be treated as academic or elective subjects.The calculation of best of four subjects percentage is one language (core/elective/functional), subject in which admission is sought (Discipline 1) and any other two academic or elective subjects as defined in the admission guidelines. However, if a candidate has not studied the subject in which she is seeking admission in Discipline 1, then a disadvantage of 2% may be imposed on the calculated best-of-four percentage.



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