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About CAE or Cambridge English Advanced

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CAE is a high quality English language test

 The test is targeted at CEFR Level C1

 The CAE is accepted by over 3000 institutions globally

What is CAE?

CAE or Cambridge English Advanced also known as Certificate in Advanced English is a high quality English language test for people who want to show they have an advanced level of English for study, work and life in an English-speaking environment. It is an in-depth test of English focused on the language skills one need to study and work in English.

The test is targeted at CEFR Level C1. The test will allow a student to follow an academic course at university level and communicate effectively at managerial and professional level.


Is it recognised globally?

The CAE is accepted by over 3000 institutions globally, including universities, colleges and employers. Students can take exam in over 1300 locations in 113 countries.


How can I take the CAE exam?

CAE is available both as a paper-based and computer-based test. The test is available 37 times a year with test dates at least once a month. Results are issued in two week for the computer based exam and four weeks for the paper based exam.


What is the format of the exam?

The CAE exam includes five papers i.e. Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking. Each paper carries 20% of the total marks. Details are mentioned below:


Paper Content Marks (%) Tests the ability of students…
Reading (1 hour 15 minutes) 4 part/34 questions 20% To deal with different types of text, such as fiction, newspapers and magazines
Writing (1 hour 30 minutes) 2 parts 20% Can create two different pieces of writing such as articles, essays, letters, proposals, reports and reviews.
Use of English (1 hour) 5 parts/50 questions 20% To demonstrate their use of English with different types of exercise that tests their control of grammar and vocabulary.
Listening (about 40 minutes) 4 parts/30 questions 20% To follow and understand a range of spoken materials such as interviews, radio broadcasts, presentations, talks and everyday conversations.
Speaking (15 minutes per pair of candidates) 4 parts 20% To communicate effectively in face to face situations. Candidates take the speaking test in groups of two or three.

How will I be marked?

You will be scored on the basis of grades:


Grade Score CEFR Level
A 80-100 Level C2
B 75-79 Level C1
C 60-74 Level C1
Level B2 45-59 Level B2

You will receive two documents which can help you with your applications, Statement of Results and a Certificate.


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