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Add Google Adsense Custom Search for WordPress

How to Add Google Adsense Custom Search for WordPress

1. Go to your Adsense Account  . Click on “My Ads” Tab. Select ‘Search’ from left and Click On ‘Custom search engines. Then click on “New custom search engine”. 

2. Put you search name like “anjaliankur.com”. In ‘What to search’, select “Only sites I select”. Then write the complete URL of your site. You can also add more than one site on the list. (one URL per line)

Then select Country or territory, Site Language, Encoding and Transliteration. for this, I went with default setting. If you have good number of contents, then Use popular queries.

3. Custom channels – You can add custom channels to track performance. Search Box Style – I recommend you to use the selected one i mean first one    Ad style – Use custom setting to make your Ads

4. In “Search results”, select “on my website using an iframe”. Stop there.

5. In another tab, login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Pages > Add New. It is the page where search results will be shown. So name this page as “Search”. And page URL will be http://mydomain.com/search. For example, my search page is http://anjaliankur.com/search.

6. Now move to the step 5. In the field of “URL where search results will be displayed”, put the URL of newly added page.

7. Click on “Save and get code”. You will get 2 codes. First one is ‘Search box code’ for displaying the search box and second one is ‘Search Results Code’.

8. Now put the 2nd code on the html editor of the newly created page.

9. Create a text widget for the place where you want to show your box and paste first code there.That’s it. You are done. I hope you will earn some revenue from Custom search box and will be helpful for your reader to find relevant result.


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