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Ageing gracefully …….

How does one age gracefully?
How does one age gracefully? (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)
Ageing is inevitable. There’s nothing you can do; the clock is going to tick away.
Getting older can be scary for many as it is rife with emotional landmines, including fear of insecurity, or losing one’s independence, or getting a serious illness.  Ageing gracefully isn’t always easy, but attitude matters a lot, experts say.
Here are some tips on how to thrive during this time:
1. Connect with people, not only from your age group but also interact with youngsters and learn new things from them.
2. Keep a positive attitude, don’t allow people to make you feel dependent or inferior in any way.
3. Get out, move around, walk, stroll, check out the surroundings.
4. Reach out to seek humour and laughter in your life.
5. If you have symptoms such as boredom, lethargy or self-doubt, take a trip away, a new location gives you a fresh  perspective.
6. Evaluate goals.
7. Take stock of the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.
8. Face mortality. You need to ask yourself what is meaningful in my life? What else do I need to accomplish? Act now so you have no regrets later.
9. Do reality check. One of the challenging aspects of ageing is facing the reality of physical ageing such as  wrinkles and  grey hair. It is time to shift your sense of worth from external attributes towards the strengths that come from experience and wisdom.
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