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All You Want To Know About AO Code & Need of AO Code

AO Code search for PAN

AO Code is a combination of Area Code, AO Type, Range Code and AO Number.

Applicants for PAN are required to provide the AO code in their application. This information can be obtained from the Income Tax Office. Applicants may search their AO Codes on the basis of description wherever provided.

Alternatively, applicants may search for their AO Code in the AO Code Search as per the guidelines below.

  1. Applicants will search their AO Code by selecting the city based on the Office / Residence Address as the case may be. For detail see Table II & III.
  2. Some cities have additional description provided for identifying the correct A.O Code.

The list of AO codes given below is to help the PAN applicant to choose the AO codes under whose jurisdiction the applicant of new PAN falls. The AO code for a given PAN may change across time as per the policy of Income Tax Department (PAN in such cases remains the same). To know the AO under whom the PAN holder is assessed at any point of time, the applicant will have to contact the local Income Tax Office.

TABLE I: Defence Personnel

Applicants in Individual status who are in the Army/Air-Force, shall to quote the relevant AO Code as follows:

DESCR. Area Code AO Type Range Code AO No.
Army ITO WARD 4(3),GHQ,PNE PNE W 55 3
Air-Force ITO WARD 42(2) DEL W 72 2

TABLE II- For other applicants

Applicant status A.O. Code selection criteria
Individual (P) If the source of income is

    1. Salary, or a combination including salary,
    2. Income from business or a combination including business income,
    3. A.O. Code should be as per Office address


For all other cases, A.O. Code should be as per Residential address.
Company (C),Partnership Firm (F), Trust (T), Local Authority (L),
Body of Individuals (B), Association of Persons (A), Hindu Undivided
Family (H), Artificial Juridical Person (J), Limited Liability Partnership (F) and Government (G)
Office address
Search on City (by selecting the appropriate alphabet)



What is an AO Code?

AO code denotes your area jurisdiction according to income tax department. Practically, Income Tax department gave codes to the areas in cities so that they can easily follow the range of particular income tax return of the assesse.

Why I need AO Code?

AO code is very important for an assesse like address and name of assesee. It needs everywhere whether to apply PAN card or to file an income tax return. Assesse must write carefully on his PAN application form (49A or 49AA as the case may be) and on his income tax return.

Why AO Code and Income Tax range is so important?

When an assesee filed his income tax return online.  After processing of his return, it sends to his particular range or area’s Income Tax Officer. So that Officer can process his refund or assessment accordingly. To get the income tax refund fast, the AO code is very important otherwise IT returns may be sent to wrong jurisdiction. When applying PAN, AO code should be correct otherwise your PAN may be delayed, and future reference will be deferred.
How I can find AO Code or range of Income Tax?

How I can find AO Code or Range of Income Tax?

There are to ways to find AO code

1) To apply new PAN: Income Tax Department has originated 4 excel files for all over India’s AO Codes along with international taxation.
For information assesse can communicate Aaykar Sampark Kendra on 0124-2438000

2) To file income tax return:  It will tell your jurisdiction with assessing officer.

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By following the above guidelines you will definitely find your AO Code, Range, Ward and jurisdiction. However, if you have any problem to find out your desired information. Please use comment form to put your query, we will try to solve your problem as early as possible

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