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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)..career choice

Alegal profession is becoming a popular career choice today.An increasing number of students are opting for unconventional careers in the legal field.Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is one of them.India has a huge backlog of legal cases pending in various courts,leading to gradual lack of faith in the traditional systems of adversarial litigation.

Moreover,the costs involved in filing litigation have become prohibitively expensive.In these circumstances,ADR,especially mediation,has tremendous scope,due to the possibility of a harmonious conclusion,as it is quick and effective.

ADR  is now more popularly known as amicable dispute resolution,utilising tools such as mediation and arbitration,instead of the more traditional mechanism of litigation,which is adversarial in nature.Arbitration is less formal than litigation,while mediation is even less formal than arbitration.Arbitrators are usually independent persons who are impartial and parties can rely on them to render specialised decisions.
One can definitely make a full-time career out of ADR as there is a huge requirement for qualified and accredited mediators.

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