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Anti-ageing tips for oily skin

Oily skinned women have typically less lines and wrinkles visible as compared to women with normal and dry skin. Though there are a few benefits of having oily skin, here’s how you can prevent your skin from ageing faster

1. Apply sunscreen regularly

Whatever the skin type, using sunscreen is a must. If protecting your skin from damage caused due to sun was never your priority, start now. Sunscreen will protect your skin from sun and you’ll look younger. Most importantly, go for sunscreens for oily skin to avoid clogged pores.

2. Don’t wash your face too often

Don’t over cleanse your face even though your oily skin texture may tempt you into washing your face again and again. Yes you may want your skin to look fresh, clean and oil-free but washing your face several times in a day actually leads to increase in oil production. Also, over-cleansing may make your skin dry. You can wash your face twice a day and use blotting papers during the day to keep oil away.

3. Nourish your skin

Antioxidants help prevent oxidising and help your skin stay supple. So antioxidants is certainly something that you need to incorporate in your skin-care routine. Opt for oil-free moisturisers that contain antioxidants. Also follow a diet that includes berries, beans and veggies to feed your skin

4. Get adequate sleep

Sleep is extremely important not only for your skin but your overall health. This doesn’t mean you sleep all day, just get adequate sleep of around 8 to 9 hours. Also, sleep on your back as sleeping on your face can wrinkle the skin and age skin at a faster rate.

5. Consume Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids revitalises your skin and repairs it from inside. Eat foods rich on omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, halibut, eggs, soy milk and yogurt. They are not only delicious but also do a lot of benefit to your skin.

6. Avoid sugar, smoke and alcohol

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can give yourself as it not only damages your health but also your skin. And if you have a sweet tooth and indulge in too many sweets, cut down on them. Studies have shown that consuming lots of sugar over long periods can cause skin to age and dull due to a process in our body called glycation. Limit your consumption of candies and eat healthy vegetables and fruits instead. Also, drinking alcohol dilates your blood vessels and increases blood flow near the skin’s surface which makes your skin appear sallow. So limit your consumption of alcohol.

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