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Assemble your own computer under Rs 35,000 for basic office productivity

PC for basic office productivity, web browsing, simple multimedia editing and light gaming.

The AMD A10-6600 K is a 3.9GHz quad-core processor that’s more than equipped to handle officerelated work, web browsing, and simple multimedia editing. Besides, its integrated graphics chip will let you play almost all 3D games in HD resolution.
Price: Rs 7,500

Buy the MSI FM2-A 75MA-P 33. This board is compatible with the A10-6600 K processor, comes with a DVI-D port (that can be used for the monitor we’re suggesting), and offers a connector for USB 3.0
Price: Rs 4,400

4GB from Kingston or Transcend
Price: Rs 2,200

Invest in the Dell S2240L that’s equipped with an IPS panel for better colours and supports a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels
Price: Rs 9,500

Hard drive
500GB from Western Digital or Seagate
Price: Rs 3,200
Cabinet and power supply
The Cooler Master Elite 344 boasts of good build and comes with front USB 3.0 ports, while the Corsair VS450 is a reliable and adequate power supply unit for a system like this
Price: Rs 2,500 and Rs 2,300 respectively

Keyboard and mouse
An entry-level set from Logitech or Microsoft
Price: Rs 700

DVD drive
If needed, pick from LG, Samsung or Asus
Price: Rs 900

Total price: Rs 33,200.

If you want to cut corners, buy a cabinet and power supply combo from VIP or Zebronics, which will cost around Rs 2,500. (All prices in approximation; local prices might vary slightly.)

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