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Some basic rules for men and women to follow while dressing for an interview

There are some basic rules for men and women to follow while dressing for an interview:Before you open your mouth to enthral them with your wisdom, your looks have already given them a cue to your personality and they are probably half way there to hiring you or writing you off.

How different sectors have their own style quotients and how you will be able to match those:

 Human Resources/ Government/ NGOs

You need to project that you are trustworthy, honest and have people management skills. Dress conservatively in well coordinated colours that make you look cool and comfortable. You can also include handlooms or handcrafted shoes and purses in their attire.


An elegant well groomed image is very critical here. Fine tune your looks to the hilt here in well cut clothes that drape well. You will be scrutinized from the top of your neat head to the tips of your well polished shoes. Remember to wear your smile along with a subtle perfume or cologne.

   Advertising or Design

The job calls for exhibiting your creative quotient, but it’s best not to go overboard. Dress in smart casuals but keep out distracting details like chunky jewellery or shiny belt buckles. Try to hit that right mix of creativity and professionalism.

 Finance and Law

Although you needn’t dress like a penguin in a stiff coat, black is still a colour that cannot go wrong here. Project yourself as analytical, precise and very businesslike and go for the full business attire complete with a tie and pinstripes. Patent leather shoes with matching briefcase or folder would complete the look.

Higher positions

When being interviewed for a higher position, remember you need to project authority, dependability and competence in your field. Power dressing is called for and you need to wear excellent quality clothes in dark colours, well contrasted with light shades. It is best to choose branded clothes that stand out for their superior cut and styling.

 Dress in something that you can carry with style and never forget to wear that smile.


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