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Benefits of Cardamom

Health benefits of cardamom
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Cardomom, is one spice, which is widely used in Indian cuisine, for its amazing taste. Besides, adding taste to your recipe, this spice is a medicine for various treatment like mouth ulcers, digestion etc.

Benefits of Cardamom

Digestive disorders

This spice is great for boosting digestive health. It helps in stimulating the digestive system and reduces gas and bloating. It also helps in relieving acidity. Choose cardamom tea to treat headaches caused by indigestion.

Bad breath

If you are troubled with bad breadth, then chew some cardamom. It will work as a mouth freshener and help get rid of bad breath.


If you are one of the victims of depression or anxiety, then powder some cardamom and boil it in hot water to prepare cardamom tea. The pleasing aroma will help you ease your depression and other mental problems.

Expectorant action

Cardamom helps to improve circulation to the lungs, so it is recommended for people suffering from asthma and bronchitis.

Other benefits

Besides, the above benefits, cardamom also has a cooling effect; stimulates the appetite and eases stomach cramps.

Uses of Cardamom

Cardamom can be used in garam masala, tea, coffee and paan.

Cardamom can also be used in Indian desserts like phirni, gulab jamun etc. The use of cardamom gives a distinctive flavour to the food.

The whole green cardamom can be used in pulavs, curries and hot dishes like biryanis, pulaos and kebabs.

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