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Blogging for Money?

 Blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically-like a what’s new page or a journal,blog software is easy to use. Simply write your thoughts, link to resources, and publish to your blog, all at the push of a few buttons

Blogs can fall into two general categories.

Personal Blogs: a mixture of a personal diary, opinion posts and research links.

Business Blogs: a corporate tool for communicating with customers or employees to share knowledge and expertise.

Business blogs are sweeping the business community. Blogs are an excellent method to share a company’s expertise, build additional web traffic, and connect with potential customers..

Blogging for money using affiliate programs.

With affiliate marketing, a company agrees to pay you a commission for helping to sell their products. Visitors see the company’s ad on your Web pages and, if they click through to the company’s Website and do a particular thing, you’ll get paid. The particular thing the visitor has to do varies; some affiliate programs pay per click while others pay per lead or even per sale. These are four of the biggest (and most established) affiliate programs on the ‘Net that you can use for blogging for money:




Commisison Junction

Blogging for money via a company sponsorship.

Blog sponsorship is a growing trend as more businesses realize the popularity of blogging and the potential marketing reach of bloggers. Company sponsorship deals appear to range from obvious “advertising” blogs that are squarely focused on a company’s product(s) through adding a company’s name, logo and brand to an existing blog (“sponsored by…”).

The main problem with this way of blogging for money is that you have to be known already (and have enough traffic) to attract sponsorship.

Get hired by a company to be blogging for money.

Many businesses would love to have blogs, but just don’t have anyone currently on staff who has the time and the talent to put a blog together and keep it going. You could be the answer and make money from a blog in the process. The trick to landing such a gig is finding the businesses that want/need the services and persuading them that you’re the blogger they need; diligent research and some cold calling will probably be needed unless you already have a high profile and a track record that will bring the businesses calling

Freelance blogging for money.

Networks of blogs appear to be springing up all over the ‘Net, some of which are looking for people to write blogs and are willing to pay for it. Payment models vary but a fixed monthly payment in exchange for a specified number of blog posts seems to be most common.

Create a blog to advertise a specific product/service.

Blogs are fast becoming the trendy alternative to the classic salesletter site. In this case, the format is the only real change; the message is the same. Typically, the pitch is woven into as many blog entries as possible – or even used a tagline to every blog entry

Blogging for money using advertising programs.

These are more advertising program options for blogging for money than ever before. Here are just four of the ever-expanding possibilities for making money from your blog by putting ads on your pages:

  • Google’s Adsense
  • BlogAds
  • Chitika eMiniMalls
  • Text Link Ads

Besides placing ads on your blog pages themselves, there are also programs for RSS advertising

Blogging for money by selling intellectual property such as ebooks, telecourses or consulting services, through your blog.

This idea is closely related to the previous way of blogging for money. The difference is that in this case the intellectual property you’re selling is just part of or incidental to the blog you’re writing; it’s not the raison d’etre for the blog. For instance, you might have a blog about beekeeping and be selling an ebook about how to build a mason bee house on your pages.

The Secret to Blogging for Money

No matter which blogging for money model you choose, or even if you choose a combination of ways to make money from your blog, there’s still one secret to success; you need to be able to write well and engage your readers. That’s how you build an audience, and of course, the bigger your audience, the bigger your chances to make some serious money blogging

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