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CBSE Application by Girl Students (Class XI/XII) under Udaan to Compete for Admission at Premier Engineering Colleges

ABOUT UDAAN To address the teaching gap between school education and engineering entrance as also to enrich the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics at School level, the CBSE is launching, a project to provide free online resources to girl students of Class XI and Class XII for preparation of admission test for the […]

CBSE chemistry std 12th-Tips and Tricks

TIPS ”    Know the marks each chapter carries. At the last minute, focus on oxidizing, reducing properties & some special properties of these compounds. ”    In organic chemistry, stress must be laid on the following name reactions. Brown Hydroboration, Carbylamine Reaction (Isocyanide Test), Cannizzaro Reaction, Clemmensen Reduction, Coupling Reaction, Rosenmund’s Reaction, Riemer-Tiemann Reaction, Fries Rearrangement, […]

Tips and Tricks for CBSE Class 12th Computer Science

No matter if you choose to become a Computer programmer or a Doctor, basic knowledge of Computer Science will always be an added benefit. Use logic and understanding and your Class 12th Computer Science exam will be over before you know it. Tips The key to a successful Computer Science exam is understanding. As majority […]

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