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Self-determination holds the key to success

Social psychologists now widely believe that external rules and rewards like imposed discipline, grades and monetary benefits don’t really go a long way in encouraging or motivating students to do better. A far better approach is to follow what we call self-determination.Self-determination means not having somebody breathing down your neck, nagging you to study at […]

5 Career Planning Tips for College Students

Graduating from college and entering the workforce is a daunting prospect. You’re spent years trying to figure out what you actually want to do and making sure your major aligns with your dream job. The workforce for millennials is full of competition. You’re up against peers who graduate with you as well as those already […]

Obamacare launch poised to reach millions despite shutdown drama

WASHINGTON: Millions of Americans will learn on Tuesday what President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare law actually means for them, as the administration opens new insurance marketplaces in 50 states despite the government shutdown. The launch marks a milestone for Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement, which aims to provide subsidized healthcare to millions of the uninsured, […]

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