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CBSE chemistry std 12th-Tips and Tricks

”    Know the marks each chapter carries. At the last minute, focus on oxidizing, reducing properties & some special properties of these compounds.
”    In organic chemistry, stress must be laid on the following name reactions. Brown Hydroboration, Carbylamine Reaction (Isocyanide Test), Cannizzaro Reaction, Clemmensen Reduction, Coupling Reaction, Rosenmund’s Reaction, Riemer-Tiemann Reaction, Fries Rearrangement, Friedel-Crafts Acylation Reaction, Gabriel Phthalimide Reaction, Hinsberg’s Test, Hoffmann Bromamide Reaction, Sandmeyer’s Reaction, Diazotization. These not only help in organic conversions but also in solving word problems.
”    Revise Class XI concepts like hyperconlugation, inductive effect & resonance or mesomeric effect with reference to organic compounds to master reasoning questions. This helps in understanding the basic character of amines, acidity of carboxylic acids relative stability of molecules and reactivity of molecules.
”    From the physical chemistry portion, basic laws such as Raoult’s law, Henry’s law, Kohlrausch’s law, degree of dissociation, problems based on Nernst equation, colligative properties involving association and dissociation (Vant Hoff factor) should be thoroughly practised.
”    Approximately 10 marks are reserved for higher order thinking skill questions.
”    Value-based questions are expected from any chapter of the prescribed syllabus.
”    Last three chapters can be really scoring as these constitute slightly more than 14% of the total paper.
”    If you have followed a study routine there should be no need to worry.

Try to keep yourself calm, positive and confident.

Chemistry helps you to pursue a career in career in basic sciences or professional courses like medicines, engineering, technology and studying courses in applied areas of science and technology. An interest should be developed in order to learn chemistry. Develop positive scientific attitude, and appreciate contribution of Chemistry towards the improvement of quality of human life. Develop problem solving skills and nurture curiosity, aesthetic sense and creativity.

”    Solid State                                                                                       4 (2)
”    Solutions                                                                                          5 (1)
”    Electrochemistry                                                                             5 (2)
”    Chemical Kinetics                                                                           5 (3)
”    Surface Chemistry                                                                         4 (2)
”    General Principles and processes of isolation of elements  3 (1)
”    p-block elements                                                                           8 (4)
”    d& f block elements                                                                       5 (1)
”    Coordination Compounds                                                             3 (2)
”    Haloalkanes and Haloarenes                                                        4 (2)
”    Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers                                                       4 (2)
”    Aldehydes,Ketones & Carboxylic acids                                          6 (2)
”    Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen                                     4 (2)
”    Biomolecules                                                                                4 (2)
”    Polymers                                                                                        3 (1)
”    Chemistry in Everyday Life                                                         3 (1)

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