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CBSE Providing formulas for Class X and XII in question papers

The New Year is already turning out lucky for students appearing for Class 10th and 12th CBSE board exams 2014 and for those in the sessions to be followed. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE ) has come up with an amendment in their Board’s question paper pattern. They are planning to have formulas loaded in the question paper. 

This question paper reform has been taken in order to prevent rote learning and rather to make the question paper more application-based.

An open-text based assessment has already been introduced from 2013-14 for classes IX and XI as a part of CBSE question paper reforms. Now this is to be extended forward to Class X and Class XII from 2014-15.

Subject committees comprising of 2-3 persons have been set up by CBSE, to prepare the innovative question papers where important formulae will be included. The question papers will mostly be application-based and will not ask students to show formula derivations. “Instead the formulas, themselves, will be given on the question paper and all that the students must do is, identify the right one to solve the problem”, a senior CBSE official said. For students of Science and Commerce stream too, the formulas will be provided on the question paper to make it easier for them to attempt the numericals.

CBSE expects the committee to submit their suggestion by February 2014 in order to implement changes for the new academic session of 2014-15 for class XI, and 2015-16 for class XII. 

Already, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System has been implemented for Secondary level classes to make the teaching more application-based. But, the CCE system is currently restricted to class X. “The board is planning these reforms to discourage students from rote learning so that they develop more time to applications-based study at senior secondary levels”, CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi, said.

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