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Check Performance of Windows 8.1 PC by following 3 steps

  Windows Experience Index benchmark tool measures a PC’s performance in terms of its processor, memory, graphics, gaming graphics and hard disk, but finding it in Microsoft’s latest  Windows 8.1 OS is a little tricky but still available.

The tool has been around since  Microsoft first introduced Windows Vista and although, it is not an accurate measure of PC performance, it can still be useful to identity a hardware deficiency.

According to Cnet, Microsoft has removed the graphical interface to the Windows Experience Index from Windows 8.1, however, users can search for its through command prompt by typing ‘winsat preop’ that will run the benchmark and store results on the PC as XML files.

3 easy steps to check performance of Windows 8.1 PC

Users can then open the Windows Powershell as administrator, and type “Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_WinSAT” and press Enter, which will analyze the results in the XML files, and present them as scores for each category.

The report said that CPUScore is the score for the processors on the PC, D3DScore is for the 3D graphics capabilities, DiskScore is the score for the sequential read throughput on the system hard disk, GraphicsScore is for the graphics capabilities, and MemoryScore is for the memory throughput and capacity of the PC.

The base score is displayed as the number next to WinSPRLevel, which is just the lowest score of the five categories.

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