Providing Information

Check out tips to crack a GD

  • Maintain eye contact while speaking: Not just with the evaluators but also team-members. This speaks of your confidence.
  • Initiate the proceedings: Initiating a GD is a real big plus. But this is only when you’ve understood the topic really well and have good knowledge on it. Otherwise, speaking without proper cognition can create a bad impression.
  • Speak clearly and sensibly: Always speak politely, clearly and sensibly using simple and suitable words. Show controlled aggression even in disagreement but no manifestation of anger. Be calm while expressing your emotions even if the topic is something you feel passionately about. Don’t speak just to increase your speaking time. Speak sensibly and as relevant to the topic at hand, without worrying about lesser speaking time.
  • Keep the discussion on track: If by chance, the group distracts from the topic or goal and begins to diverge, take the initiative to bring the discussion back on track. You’ll certainly be noticed then. This shows your power to lead and stay focussed on the discussion. Make group members aware that you’ve to come to a conclusion at the end of the discussion. So sticking to the topic is essential.
  • Don’t give too much detail: Only some basic subject analysis is sufficient for you to succeed. There’s no need to mention the exact figures while giving any reference. Since there’s limited time, it’s vital that you’re precise and able to convey your thoughts in a simple way.
  • Allow other group members to speak: Never interrupt someone when he/she’s speaking. Even if you don’t subscribe to their viewpoint, don’t butt in, snatching away their chance to speak. Rather make notes and clear the point when the person stops. Also make it a point to try and include members who are quiet, ask them to give their opinion too; as this shows you as a team leader.
  • Be positive: Being positive is important and radiates confidence. Don’t be bossy and dominative emanating a negative body language. Always show your interest in the discussion. Positive gestures and body language will insure success. 
  • Listen carefully: Speak less and listen more! This pays – even if you lack knowledge, you’ll be able to pick your points from the discussion. Pay attention to what the others are saying as that helps in framing a coherent discussion. Also it shows your team work abilities. That ways, you can also win over people.
  • Dress formally: Never dress casually or to kill in a GD. Just plain comfortable clothing, formal off course.

So in short skills observed in a GD

 Your communication skills

Your behaviour and interaction within the grou

How you observe and listen

How you deal with the topic, subject knowledge vis-à-vis general knowledge

How you put forward your view

Your decision making ability

Your problem solving and critical thinking ability

Whether you can come up with out-of-the-box ideas

Your open mindedness and analytical ability

Your confidence and attitude

 To succeed in a GD, remember the two essential diktats that a GD is used for mass elimination and that its selection criteria are based on the company/institute requirements. Students, job hunters, however, are advised to read a lot of newspapers and magazines to be aware of the current events and happenings. 


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