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Combat chronic back pain naturally

Chronic back pain affects most of us due to our sedentary lifestyles.

Most of the time, the pain can last for hours to weeks and can be chronic and debilitating. Here are some tips that promise to provide relief from chronic back pain naturally…

When at work try changing your posture as frequently as possible, but also maintain the natural arch of your back.

When you are sleeping, see that you keep a pillow under your knee positioned next to your chest (if you are sleeping sideways or on your back). And when you are sleeping on your stomach place the pillow just bellow your belly to avoid sagging of your lower back.

People who suffer from chronic pain should avoid lifting weights, especially above your head. In case you have to, remember to squeeze in your buttock muscles, which will help in stabilising your spine.

According to experts, a lot of chronic back pain patients have a low level of vitamin D in their bodies, so make it a point to expose your body to the early morning sun or take Vitamin D in the form of supplements.

In case of shoulder and neck pain, try activities like dancing, preferably ballroom dances like salsa, and weight training build balance and stability and stamina. This helps align your posture better. Exercises to strengthen your neck, back, core and shoulders are crucial.

When someone suffers from back pain, they must first consult their doctor to know which exercises are completely off limits and which are the ones that they can follow. People with back pain should avoid sit-ups, lying leg raises, standing toe touches, long distance jogging

Hip pain is usually associated with weak lower body muscles, specifically those of the glutes region. Exercise is a great solution to maintain strength and flexibility in the hip region

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