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Delhi University-Helpline for students & apps for teachers

Delhi University is going to start a helpline soon so that students can register their grievances.The helpline 1065 is meant for students to register complaints in case teachers are not attending classes or there are some problems in the colleges.
The university is also planning to introduce a mobile app where a teacher will be able to register their leave(s) instead of putting up an application or calling up the department or principals.A teacher can inform the college about his leave by updating it on the app by 9.30am.Following this,the app will deliver a message to the college principal and to the students, said a DU source.
DU also plans to introduce a software where teachers can upload their timetables and the same will get linked to the university and college websites.
According to a member of the highpowered committee instituted by DU last year,the helpline will be fully functional from the new academic year.
If a teacher is absent frequently,or a large number of complaints are received against a particular teacher or on any other issue,an inquiry will be instituted.And if the teacher is found guilty,action will be taken against her or the college.This,however,does not mean that any random complaint will lead to an inquiry, said the member.
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