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Dry your Wet Cell Phone With Silica Gel

The warranty of electronic gadgets may not cover damage due to water but before you decide to dump that wet phone, thinking that it is all game over, try some of the following options and it could start working again.

First turn off the wet phone and then open the back lid to remove the battery and, if present, the SIM card. Use a towel or cotton tissues to dry the external (visible) portions of the phone as much as possible.

Next, the most important part, we need a way to absorb the water that may have entered inside the phone body. One popular option here s that you put the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice and seal the bowl with a plastic sheet. Rice being a natural desiccant should absorb the moisture out of your phone over the next 2-3 days and if you are lucky enough, the phone should start ringing again.

silica_gelThere are however some other alternatives to rice that could be way more efficient.

Put the phone inside a zip-lock plastic bag with silica gel packets, leave for 2-3 days and the packets will absorb all the moisture from the phone’s interiors. Silica gel is a better desiccant than rice and can be easily obtained from your local hardware / craft stores.

There’s obviously no guarantee that your phone will work again after drying it with rice or silica gel but still, there’s no harm in trying once. 

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