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DU-Colleges are not to put any additional eligibility criteria in the cut-off list.

The Delhi University administration has taken away colleges’ discretion to fix additional eligibility criteria, over and above the general cut-off for the 2014-15 admission season. On Wednesday, it announced uniform additional criteria that all colleges will follow while enrolling students from June 24

“Colleges are not to put any additional eligibility criteria in the cut-off list. There will be uniform eligibility criteria applicable across colleges notified by the university,” said Malay Neerav, joint dean of students’ welfare and media coordinator, DU.

So far, while some colleges admitted students without a maths background in economics courses, others insisted on a strong maths base. Some colleges even set eligibility marks in maths as high as 60%. “This year, however, anyone applying for an honors course in economics will have to have the minimum qualifying marks in mathematics, which has been the case for honours courses in mathematics, statistics and non-bio science courses. This is applicable to all colleges offering economics or the mentioned courses,” said Neerav.

J M Khurana, dean, DSW said students who wish to pursue an honours degree in a subject they have not studied in Class XII will face a 2% handicap in their best-of-four aggregate. “A science student applying for commerce will need 2% higher aggregate in their best-of-four compared with students with a commerce background in Class XII,” he said.

Students seeking admission to an honours programme in a language course will need to have studied the language in Class XII. Those who have studied it at a ‘functional’ rather than ‘elective’ or ‘core’ level, in Class XII will be at a disadvantage, while those who chose the ‘elective’ will get 2% benefit in the best-of-four aggregate.

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