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Find Here Google AdSense application status

Google use two steps verification process to complete your AdSense application review. First step they verify your email address, site address, residential address etc.

If your application complete 1st step review, they provide AdSense account access to create ad codes. If you create and place ad codes in your website, they started 2nd step verification process. They analysis relevant ads for your site. If your website pass this two step verification, they sent email for verification or ads running in your website.

Google officially said Adsense Application approval process time is

If Adsense application submitted you will receive email about your application within 6 to 8 hours.

If you create and paste Adsense codes in your blog and Google system detects your Adsense code, Google automatically review your website with in 2-3 days.

But each bloggers face various days to complete AdSense application process. I am research about this topic. This research end with common reasons for AdSense application process delay. They are,

  1. Adsense ad code not implemented in your blog (They not create and paste ad codes inside their blog)
  2. You wrongly paste Adsense codes inside iFrame
  3. Google Adsense crawler can not access website pages ( some times your robot.txt file contain command to unindex or block pages)
  4. Crawler report is updated weekly

How many ad codes i need to create and apply?

Just create one or two ad unit (Don’t create and use more than 3 ad units). Apply this ad codes in your blog sidebar or inside post. If your CMS is WordPress use Quick AdSense plugin. If your blog already have affiliate marketing ads, remove the affiliate marketing ads.

Tips to help your Adsense application status running well.

Add the following line in your website robots.txt file

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

This line provide full access to AdSence crawler.

Verify your email address using phone verification. Sign in and verify Google web master tools and Google analytics.

My AdSense application process running over week.
Check your website Google web cache using cache:yourwebsitename.com

This is the best way to find crawler last visited time to your website. Google crawler and AdSense crawler are separate. But they share your website cache page. So wait your ad code placed date appear on Google cache.)

How to confirm AdSense account approved for your site?

If you find any of these, you got an AdSense account.

  1. Red bar across the top of AdSense account is gone
  2. Ads appear on your website
  3. You got email form Google as your AdSense application fully approved. Within few hours you will begin to see live ads.

Common reasons for Adsense application rejected

  1. Insufficient content ( your website must have 30 to 50 posts with minimum 500 words (defend on topic)
  2. Account information matches currently approved Adsense account (duplicate of an active Adsense account)
  3. Unacceptable site content (copyrighted materials)
  4. Page Type (navigation and side look)
  5. Unsupported language
  6. Age under 18
  7. Adult, Gambling and some restricted topics.
  8. Site not comply with Google program policies
  9. Site not old 6 month (for some countries include India and China)
  10. Your blog not based any proper adwords categories

Common AdSence application process related problems and solutions
You received email from Google when your account was approved. but if you go to the AdSense account page it still says “under review”.Check your email first. If they say “congratulations! your AdSense application has been fully approved. Within a few hours you will begin to see live ads.” your account was approved. If they say ” Your Google AdSense application has been approved. To activate your account and get started with AdSense, follow the steps below.” your AdSense account partially reviewed. So you must wait another confirmation email from Google.

You got an email as your AdSense application fully approved, but no ads appear and red bar still show under review. Wait 1 or 3 days. Google system take some time to update your information. But your account actually approved.

  • AdSense still under review after 1 week, 3 month and year. Check if you create and paste ad codes in your website. Also use AdSense application status form.
  • AdSense application rejected every time, but my site have quality contents (minimum 30 to 50 posts with 500 words), about page, privacy policy page and contact page and my site complete 6 month (for India and china). First you need to crate another email which contain your name not your website name [ ex: your name is john. create email like john@gmail.com and verify this email using phone verifiction]. Connect your Google web master tools account, analytics account and verify this accounts.
  • I am not getting any confirmation email from Google. But ads are running. Congratulations! your AdSence account fully approved. Don’t worry any other things.
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