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Google AdSense Banned Check!

From a blogger perspective (When we buy or sell a website), you should be checking many things and one of them is status of AdSense serving for the site you planning to buy. This will ensure that you might not end up buying websites, where you can’t use AdSense ads. Here I’m sharing few a website, which you can use for any website to check if AdSense ad serving is allowed or disabled for that domain.

Despite of all the good reviews about AdSense, you will hear lots  like:

  • My AdSense account is banned
  • Google disapproved my AdSense account
  • AdSense ad serving has been disabled for one of my site

And stuff like this, which is still ok from my point of view, ad AdSense team works day and night to offer quality service

Google Banned Check: This site solves two purpose. It will let you check any domain for AdSense ban and also if the domain is banned from Google search. This is very handy when you are buying a used domain or buying an existing website. All you need to do is add the domain name in the box, and click on submit. When you are using this tool, make sure to try www and non www variant of the domain name you are checking.


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