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Here are three tips to help you set up a blog from the scratch.

A blog can be a great outlet to express your personal opinions on any subject. But many people are not sure how to create a blog on the internet. Here are three tips to help you set up a blog from the scratch.
The blog address
The domain name is probably the most important when it comes to a blog, because it will be your calling card. If your blog is successful, it can become a status symbol as well as a brand by itself. Make sure you choose the right blog web address so that people can find it easier to search for you on the internet.Given a choice, always go for ‘.com’ . Avoid ‘.info’ or ‘.net’ as they may not help much. Also, be sure to use the keywords you’ve chosen when setting it up.

Looks do matter when it comes to a blog, more so when there are a lot of other blogs to compete with if say, you have a food blog, of which there are plenty. There are several websites that offer an extensive selection of themes that are both free and chargeable.

After you’ve settled on an attractive look, install plugins on the page that can make visiting your blog as fun and interactive experience for people who visit it. Plugins also help you to manage your blog efficiently.

Write away
After spending time and energy to make sure your blog looks spiffy enough, it’s time to populate it with interesting articles. The more unique your style is, the more it’ll stand out. And if you’re hit by a case of writer’s block, you’ll find plenty of online tutorials and how-to articles that will help you create awesome content for your blog.

While following online guides might be a good way to start, don’t let it hamper or inhibit your own style. Consider getting some of your friends to contribute as well. In this case, more is always good.

Updated: June 5, 2014 — 3:10 am
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