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Hide your Gmail ID from ‘Google+ strangers’

Google recently announced a Google+ integration with its email service that allows people to send emails to any Google+ user without knowing their email ID.

The feature would not expose a user’s email address until they reply to that email, but it may lead to an undesirable spam-like clutter in theGmail inbox.

However, since the feature — which is to be rolled out in a couple of days — isn’t as tough to undo as it appears, users can simply opt-out of it without much hassle.

According to CNET, users need to click the Settings menu, and turn off the ‘by default email via Google+ feature’ under the General tab; they can choose a setting they are most comfortable with. They can select from options like ‘Circles’, ‘Extended Circles’ or ‘No One’ and save the changes to switch back the old email receiving settings.

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