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Ireland scholarships

To assist more students from India to study in Ireland, University College Dublin (UCD) has announced scholarships at the undergraduate and Masters level.

“Expanding our scholarship base is the best way to emphasise our commitment to these students by reducing obstacles for them when they look to Ireland and UCD as study destinations.

UCD has 260 Indian students as part of its 26,000-strong student body (of which 5,500 are international students — earning UCD the title of ‘Ireland’s Global University).’ We would love to see these numbers double across all programmes — particularly those programmes where Indian students don’t typically flock to in great numbers. We have offerings in languages, politics and international relations, IP & IT Law along with maintaining a strong contact with programmes such as mechanical engineering, computer science, biotechnology and public health,” says Jeremy Simpson, associate dean, international studies, University College Dublin. The scholarship fund will be in excess of 300,000 euros and around 100 scholarships would be available to Indian students. A range of scholarships will be available, including full tuition fee scholarship to 50% and 25% scholarships to bursaries of 2,000 euros.

Updated: June 5, 2014 — 3:10 am
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