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Just meeting the cutoff may not ensure admission in a Delhi University college

 Just meeting the cutoff may not ensure admission in a Delhi University college this year onwards. In a bid to check over-admissions, the university may ask colleges to prepare merit lists of successful candidates in each subject after the cutoffs are announced.

The move is among a slew of ‘admission reforms’ DU is considering for the forthcoming 2014-15 session. The proposed merit list, along with a waiting list, would be based on the number of seats available and would ensure that the college does not over-admit students. But it would also mean that a student who has scored above the cutoff may not find her name in the list.

The current admission policy makes it mandatory for colleges to accommodate all candidates whose aggregates (marks of best of four subjects including one language) are above the cutoff.


Last year, when the four-year undergraduate programme was introduced, the university removed the option of choosing colleges, thereby making candidates eligible for admission in all the colleges where they met the cutoffs.

“The proposed reforms, which college principals also discussed in a recent meeting, are aimed at avoiding enrollment in excess of sanctioned capacity. It was observed that admission in excess of capacity cannot be controlled purely on the basis of cutoffs and therefore it has been proposed that colleges bring out a merit list based on the class XII scores of the applicants,” said a principal present in the meeting.

As per the proposal, candidates will first apply through centralized registration forms, either online and offline. So far candidates are allowed to opt for as many colleges and courses they desired. The proposed policy would allow a candidate to apply to a maximum 10 colleges and six courses.

“Based on the data of number of aspirants expressing interest in a particular college and course, the college will declare the cutoff. Once the cutoff is declared — say, 95% for physics — eligible students who had applied for the course in the college would be called for registration.

“Once registration is done, the college will bring out a merit list in descending order. So, if there are 50 seats, the first 50 students will be offered admission while the rest will be placed in a waiting list,” said a member of the empowered committee set up last year to streamline the admission process.

Some principals and teachers have expressed concern over the proposal to allow change of college just once during the admission and the cap on number of colleges and courses a candidate can apply. The move to do away preference to girls has also been criticized. However, no one is ready to speak on record as these are as yet proposals being considered.

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