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Kautilya Pandit………Karnal’s ‘memory prince’

Kautilya Pandit born 24 December 2007  is from Kharhar village of Jhajjar district, Haryana. At the age of five years and eight months, Kautilya Pandit talks about world geography, per capita income, gross domestic product, politics, economy, and answers questions on various topics with ease while others his age learn ABC and recite nursery rhymes. Kautilya Pandit’s extraordinary powers of grasping and recalling various tutored facts have attracted psychology experts of Kurukshetra University to investigate his learning capabilities. Kautilya’s proud father Satish Sharma wants him to completes his education first and then to choose a subject of his choice.

“He is indeed a wonder child with an excellent memory power. We are so convinced with his natural abilities that our panel has decided to conduct tests ” Prof CR Darolia, chairman, KU’s department of psychology”It was observed that the boy was replying to all questions with utmost ease. He may have an intelligence quotient (IQ) of around 130 points, an excellent and extremely rare in his age group.

Darolia said that a few days ago Kautilya’s family had visited him to undertake his psychological tests and a brief interaction convinced him to research the aspects through intensive investigation.He said that the boy’s talent was very rare and tests would help his team analyse as to how and in what psychological pattern Kautilya was memorising things.

The “little wonder” studies at SD Harit Modern School is run by Kautilya’s father Satish Sharma at Kohand village, about 20 km from Karnal.

Sharma said that during a trip to Agra in February this year, the family noticed that Kautilya was able to read the signboards very clearly and easily.

“With the help of Sushil Rawal, a teacher, I introduced Kautilya to atlas during summer vacations this year. To my utter surprise, Kautilya memorised names of all countries, capitals and oceans at once. Later, we noticed that he recalled everything uttered before him without any difficulty,” he said.

Sharma said that teachers and his father Jai Kishan Sharma, a retired vice-principal, introduced several issues, including astronomy, gross domestic product (GDP), role of dollar in international economy, India-Pakistan relations, automobile manufacturers and Kautilya grasped everything quickly.

The family said that the boy’s nature was very curious. In the past 10 days, the family has approached several private television channels and a series of interviews has popularised the child prodigy.

Sharma said Kautilya used to dance well and showed interest in yoga, but became disinterested two years ago. No other quality except extraordinary memory was noticed in him, claimed the family. Kautilya’s grandfather Jai Kishan Sharma said that he always inspired Kautilya with the names of professionals who got bulky pay packets and wanted him to be like them.

“We want someone to sponsor Kautilya’s studies in some of the elite schools such as The Doon School, BCS, Bangalore, to ensure that his exceptional talent is nurtured to the core,” Sharma added.

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