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Lessons from Sachin Tendulkar

Concentration is one thing that you can learn from Sachin. Right from the childhood, he had clear view of his objective and he concentrated on it throughout his life. Similarly, a spiritual person also needs to concentrate his/her efforts to achieve the goals

Confidence-When Sachin was asked by his father about his career choice, he was confident that he can do good in Cricket. There was no looking back. So, if you asked about God, move confidently that you can achieve him.

Hard Work-Once you have set upon your objective, you need to really work hard. Just check the ways Sachin has adapted himself to face the fearsome bowlers around the world and how he performed against them. Similarly, you will need to work really hard if you want to achieve God. You can never lower your bar

Perfection/Refinement-Sachin moved step-by-step towards perfection and refining his style for all types of pitches and situations. Similarly, you need to refine your character and personality so that you can perform well in all the tests that God throws on you.

Learning-This is one aspect Tendulkar excels at. He has never stopped learning. He tries to learn new things from all walks of life and tries to utilize the same for his game. Similarly, a spiritual seeker should always be ready to learn new lessons. There can’t be an end as far as learning goes

Mutual Respect-Mutual respect is one thing that all modern Cricketers should learn from Sachin. He never holds grudges over anybody. He respects every individual player however young he might be. Similarly, on the spiritual path, a seeker should respect the views of others and not be adamant on his/her own.

Team Player-Cricket is a team game. Sachin always tries to motivate and encourage others to perform better. He tries to give his 100% all the time. Almost all the religions of the world say that we should seek the company of good. So, on the spiritual path, we should be ready join a team of good people.

Soft Speech-Who else would excel in this. Sachin has one of the softest demeanor though he roars when he is in action. Similar should be the attitude of a spiritual seeker. He/she should be soft spoken to others; however, he should be relentless in his/her efforts.

Satisfaction-Sachin feels content with what he has done. This feeling arises because he has always given his 100%. So too, the spiritual seeker should feel satisfied with whatever God gives him.

Steadfastness-Sachin keeps his motives clear. He is not distracted by critics. Whenever he feels that a bowler has found a chink in his armor, he goes back to nets and tries to repair it. Similarly, a seeker should be steadfast in his quest, even if he/she is meeting the failures.

Equanimity-Through accolades and criticism, Tendulkar has not lost his poise. He maintains the balance that is needed to lead a celebrated life. A seeker must not feel proud with praise and down with criticism. Equanimity is one the most prized virtue of a spiritually inclined person.

Gratitude-Above all fanfare, Sachin maintains his goodness by showing his gratitude. He enjoys life; his family, his passions. He offers homage to his parents, teacher and whoever he feels valuable in life. A seeker must, similarly, show the gratitude to whoever helped him on the spiritual life

Faith-Sachin places a good faith in his abilities and God’s grace. He knows that he has to work hard and rest is in God’s hands. Similarly, a seeker must work hard so that he can induce God to help him in his spiritual path.


Updated: June 5, 2014 — 3:12 am
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