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List of accessories and devices help you get the most from your existing TV.

While almost all brands offer televisions with smart features, these are more expensive than the nonsmart LED/LCD TVs.To help you save on cost, Here is a lists of  accessories and devices   that can help you get the most from your existing TV.


1-Skype webcam

If you plan video calls over Skype from your TV, you need to get a Skype camera. Sony,

Samsung and Logitech offer webcams ready for Skype and powered through your TV’s USB port.It can be fixed at the top of the TV and has a built-in microphone for audio.

2-Wireless keyboard

A wireless keyboard is handy to control the TV-connected media streamer or phone. Experts  recommend a keyboard that has a built-in trackpad,


such as the Logitech K400R, as it makes it easy to interact with the user interface.

3-Apple AV adapter

iOS devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone) do not come with a standard micro HDMI or MHL port to connect with a TV.If you want to use your iOS device with the TV, you will have to get an Apple AV adapter that will cost Rs 4,000-4,50


4-MHL to HDMI adapter

A number of Android smartphones now use an MHL port, which works for charging, data transfer and TV output. To use MHL port and connect your phone to a TV, you need an MHL to HDMI adapter, which is available for as low as Rs 500.


1-WD TV Live

WD TV Live comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and connects with your TV via HDMI. The media player supports playback of almost every audio/video format from a connected flash drive or portable hard drive. Besides, it offers a smart interface for your TV.


This has preloaded apps, including games, social network and support for streaming media from websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Tunein. It also offers Ethernet connectivity and has optical audio out to work with external speakers

2-Amkette EvoTV XL

The EvoTV is powered by a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB storage and runs Android 4.0.

This enables you to access and enjoy any Android app on your TV. The users also have access to the Google Play store for installing additional apps, including games, social networking, chat, as well as video calling.

A motion sensor-based remote control makes it easy to play games and navigate the user interface.

The EvoTV is also integrated with XBMC media centre interface and supports the playback of various audio/video formats

3-Google Chromecast

This media-streaming device, which is the size of a flash drive, connects directly to your TV’s HDMI port and is powered using the USB port.The set-up is simple and requires the user to connect the Chromecast for the first time with the Wi-Fi network.



Once connected, you can use your existing smartphone/tablet to wirelessly stream audio/video from the device to the large-screen TV using a free app.

A number of compatible third party apps and games are also available and work with Chromecast to stream content on the TV

4-Smart BluRay player

A simpler way to get a smart TV’s features on your non-smart device is to go for a BluRay player with in-built smart features. Offered by various brands, such as LG, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony, the BluRay player has the same features that are usually available on Smart TVs.


These also have Internet connectivity options, such as the Ethernet or Wi-Fi, to use the smart features.The player then lets you access social networks, conduct video calls using Skype, access news and your RSS feeds

4-Android smartphone/tablet

If you have an old smartphone/tablet, or even a laptop that supports TV out, you can connect it permanently to your TV. While a laptop will offer a Windows OS experience, your phone/tablet will let you access Android or iOS on your TV’s large screen.


Get a wireless keyboard to control the connected device and you can access all the apps and games from your device on the TV. Keep in mind that you will have to keep the smartphone/tablet or the laptop connected to power constantly.

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