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Make your own facial cleanser…………

Store bought cleansers cost a bomb and are loaded with chemicals.
That just defeats the prupose of using them in the first place. Try these at home cleansers instead:
 – You can use raw  milk for cleansing if you aren’t sporting a full face of makeup. Store a few spoonfuls of raw milk in the refrigerator. Dip a cotton ball in the milk and wipe your face with it. Raw milk is not just an effective cleanser, it is also very refreshing and soothing especially in summer. Make sure to wash off with lukewarm water.
 – Although it takes some amount of trial and error while deciding on skin care regimes and products, it can be an agonising wait if your skin doesn’t take to it. People with dry or sensitive skin are better off using olive oil, castor oil or  jojoba oil for cleansing.
– Girls with an oily skin type can use a  cleanser made from a spoon of yogurt mixed with a spoon of honey and lime juice. However, application of this mixture must be followed by a face wash meant especially for oily skin. Avoid oil-based products if you are oily-skinned.
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