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NAUTIZ X1 Ultra-Rugged Smartphone-the toughest smartphone in the world

The Nautiz X1 is a handset designed for even the clumsiest and most accident-prone of users; it puts survival above specifications to make sure it’s always working. If only the tourist who this week walked off a pier in Australia while checking her Facebook page had been using a  Nautiz X1, rather than a normal smartphone, she would have been able to continue posting during the fall and after hitting the water. And she could have called the coast guard with the handset too.

Built by Handheld Group, the company claims its latest ruggedized handset, launched Thursday, is the toughest smartphone in the world. Waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant and able to continue working in extreme temperatures — all of which makes it the perfect device for adventurers, outdoor athletes, extreme sports fanatics or just the incredibly clumsy.

“People are increasingly using their smartphones all the time, everywhere, and they’re expecting mobility and connectivity anytime, anywhere, and in all environments and weather conditions,” says Product Manager Johan Hed of the phone’s creation.

Yet despite its toughness, the Nautiz X1weighs only 180g (6.3 ounces) and is slim enough to slip into a pocket. It also offers a decent 4-inch display that’s still legible no matter how glaring the sun becomes. Other serious built-in kit includes a professional u-blox GPS and a built-in compass. However in terms of other more typical smartphone features, those more accustomed to the latest Samsung or HTC offerings may be a little disappointed with its specs.

It runs Android version 4.0 and uses a 1Ghz dual-core processor and a single gigabyte of RAM. Still it should work on just about any mobile network in the world and can be specified with a choice of battery pack options to ensure it offers a full day’s use on a single charge.

For information about pricing, Handheld urges business professionals to talk to their IT supplier and for consumers to approach their network operators.

Updated: June 5, 2014 — 3:06 am
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