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New app for iPhone “Youtopia”

Watch YouTube like never before. Browse and view Youtube videos with a unique interface that allows you to simultaneously browse while playing a video full screen.  “Today’s Best App” on the day of its launch.

This slick YouTube client brings the typically iPad only multitasking efficiency of browsing while watching to your iPhone or iPod touch.”Youtopia is the perfect way to discover and enjoy great new videos on the go or relaxing at home.

Some of the awesome features:- Browse search results, featured videos and playlists while watching in full screen- Flat single-screen navigation enables easy/fast access to your favorite features with a single tap- Gorgeous iOS 7 style interface- View Youtube curated channels or sign-in with your YouTube account to access all of your Subscriptions, Playlists etc.- Easily subscribe to new channels or add videos to your Favorites and Watch Later list.- Filter searches your way with the intuitive iOS 7 style menu- Video ratings and number of views are displayed on each video while browsing- Easily share videos using the standard iOS 7 sharing interfaceYoutopia provides the most immersive YouTube experience on your iPhone.

So far, I’m enjoying Youtopia, but it’s not without a few flaws. The biggest annoyance I had with the app is the fact that even when it is not playing a video, launching the app, switching back to it, or even waking the device up into Youtopia will interrupt any current audio you have playing. While writing this, I’ve been listing to my music on Rdio, and I’ve had to constantly pull up Control Center to resume my music playback while browsing for a video to watch. I hope that the developer considers changing this so that the app only interrupts your current audio when a video is playing, as I believe that’s how it should be anyways.

Other things that should be considered are having a scrollable sidebar on the left so you can fit more different navigation tabs instead of having to go to the separate More menu for Favorites, Playlists, and Watch Later. There should also be an iPad version of this app, as I think it would do well with the larger screen estate.

Besides those flaws, Youtopia is a pretty decent app for browsing YouTube while you’re mobile. If you want to try something besides the official YouTube app, then this is worth a look, especially since it’s free in the App Store for your iPhone.

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