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Nursery Admission Delhi-Parents say changes may give transfer cases the edge

Just when they thought their nursery seats are in the bag,parents have been thrown into uncertainty yet again.The immediate effect of the Supreme Courts stay on Delhi high courts permission to begin admissions for some groups was confusion.Parents wondered if the seats they had waited and fought court cases over will slip out of their clutchesagain.
If the Interstate Transfer (IST) points come back,half the alumni will lose their seats and those with just the 70 neighbourhood points will find their chances of getting seats have slimmed again, Amit Goel,who scored a seat for his son through alumni category after IST points were scrapped on February 27,said.
Both sets alumni and 70-pointers blame ISTs for the situation they faced in February.That those coming from outside Delhi should get priority is a major sore point.That ISTs have choice they will get the extra five points to every school they apply as opposed to alumni who get them in a maximum of two (father and mother)is another.Everyone will be affected, argues Goel.Now theres no confirmed seat even for parents who have paid,bought uniforms,attended orientations.

Parents have rejected offers to take admission, points out Digvijay Singh who had been offered two seats,one as a 70-pointer and another though the alumni category,and picked the second.HC clearly said we had to choose.If the process changes again,will schools refund fees
The 70-pointers without seats get a raw deal either way.Instead of giving fair chance to all applicants,Directorate of Education created minority categories and now to give a fair chance to these minorities DoE and the courts are listening to them.In the process,general category applicants (70-pointers ) continue to wait for the lottery where odds are 1 to 1,000,while the minorities will get all admissions automatically, says Sudhanshu Jain.


Parents are also wondering what will now happen at the April 16 HC hearing and whether theres a possibility of the whole system going back to the state before guidelines were fixed by the lieutenant governor in which case,says a parent,the school lobby would have won.
Ultimately it comes down to datahow many seats went to which category of applicant in the first round of draws.The parents who went to court on the matter alleged that IST cases were eating up all the seats and most were fake.DoE withdraw the points because through a survey of 58 schools,they found about 50% seats had gone to ISTs.
But when they conducted a larger survey with more schools,DoE found 60% seats had gone to 70-pointers and only 8% to ISTs.None of the premises on which the points were withdrawn are valid, argues Kumar Saurabh whod moved from Mumbai.He is also one of the petitioners in the SC case.The data shows the number of genuine,verified ISTs are not many, he said.


Nursery guidelines based on the LGs Dec 18 order allocated 5 pointsequivalent to alumni categoryto interstate transfers (IST)
Schools reported large numbers of IST applications
Parents applying under alumni and neighbourhood (75 points) or just distance (70 points) categories complained outsiders stand a better chance than Delhiites,allege most IST cases are fake
DoE orders schools to be vigilant;sets up committee for inspections in schools
Parents move court;DoE analyses application and seat data from 58 schools and withdraws 5 IST points.Original IST applicants now join 70-pointers.But,DoE allows 70-pointers already selected through draws to retain seats.A second round of draws announced,and in some cases held,for newly vacated seats
DoE gathered more data and informed court that 60% seats were going to 70-pointers in just the first draw: a figure contested by many parents
IST applicants argue their numbers are much lower than assumed,and they cant be penalized for governments decision.Once the game is won,rules cant be changed;SC had refused to stay guidelines in Jan
The petition in SC,which brought the stay,wants original guidelines to be considered valid 

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