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Parents to challenge nursery guidelines

A fresh round of litigations is about to begin over nursery admissions. The five points for transfer students and the massive number of applications under this category have prompted two groups of parents to file petitions asking for a change in guidelines. 

While one petition will be filed by parents protesting against transfer points at Jantar Mantar, another will be filed by a parent of a child with special needs who says EWS-DG category draws have left her child’s chances close to zero. “We will ask for the removal of points for transfer and alumni,” says lawyer Prachi Mehta who is drafting the petition. 

A group of parents, who have got just 70 points for distance, gathered at India Gate on Saturday and at Jantar Mantar on Sunday to protest the granting of five points to transfers cases. They say this has neutralized the advantage alumni once had. “You can be an alumnus of just one school. Those applying under the transfer category will have five extra points in every school,” says an alumnus of DPS, R K Puram                                                                           [adsenseyu2]

“As per our survey, about 98% parents are against points for transfer cases from NCR. Last year, several schools didn’t allow NCR transfers but this year it has been included in “interstate-transfer. I wish the LG clarifies the issue of transfer points,” says Sumit Vohra of admissionsnursery.com.

Complaints of fraudulent transfer certificates led DoE to issue fresh guidelines on transfer cases but these pertain only to the diligence the school can do and do not clarify or alter the definition of “inter-state”.

Parents of differently-abled children are also planning to file a PIL seeking decisions on the draw of lots for this group. These children, together with economically weaker section ones, are entitled to 25% quota.

But Amita Garg, a cardiologist and parent of a child with Down’s syndrome, says her child’s chances of getting a seat through EWS draws are slim. “We can’t apply everywhere since most schools do not have the required infrastructure,” she says. Till last year, despite this group being covered by the quota, some schools had separate points for it. This year, the fixing of the points system has meant this group can be admitted only through the quota.

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