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Today,creativity and innovations are the new drivers of the world economy.Globalisation and the rapid proliferation of technology have elevated the importance of intellectual property protection for all.Patents law has gained much attention in todays creative world.A career in patents law is both fascinating and lucrative.This field of law is open to biologists,chemists,engineers,computer scientists and several other science and technology professionals.This field secures a front row position on the cuttingedge of science and technology.From genetic engineering to computer science,people will always invent new things.These inventions will always be labelled and traded as intellectual property.
With India,moving from being a developing nation to becoming a pioneer in outsourcing services and a knowledge economy,intellectual property has taken a new place for Indias inventors and growing industries and at the same time it attracts foreign investments.In such a scenario,a course on patents law has demands both in and outside the country.A course on patents law will make someone conversant with patentability of invention,drafting patent application,patent prosecution,determining infringement,defending litigation and managing patent portfolio.
Anyone opting for this course will get exposure to not only Indian law but also American and European law on patents.A course on patents law may vary from 30 hours to a year-long course.Such courses involve academicians,scientists,practising lawyers and government officials so that a holistic education can be offered.A course on patents law can help you join a company,intellectual property law firm and patent office and make both patent attorney and academic,lawyer and judge specialising in patents law.The job market,which may attract someone with a course on patents law,will offer anything between Rs 30,000 and above.
A course on patents law in its rudimentary form should also be taken to a technology institute and management institute to offer a comprehensive education.On completing a course on patents law,an advanced course on patents law from an American or European university will create patent attorney and patent academic of the next generation.
After completing an advanced course on patents law,one should aim at doing a PhD in patents law to generate new policies,which will be in the best interest of society.Fresh graduates must explore this emerging field of study.

Updated: June 5, 2014 — 3:10 am
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