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The Philips SlimStyle LED Lamp

Here’s a bulb you might think about licking rather than lighting. Philips’s cut the weight of its new SlimStyle lamp down to about three ounces by eliminating the heat sink found in most other LED lamps.

The bulb looks unlike any that has come before — more like a lollipop than a lamp. It has the ability to dim and gets only warm to the touch even after a few hours of illumination, eliminating two shortcomings of LED bulbs.

This 60-watt equivalent uses 10.5 watts of energy. The actual light-emitting diodes ring the lamp’s circumference, creating light in all directions. In a test, the SlimStyle created a dimmable, warm glow that was virtually indistinguishable in quality to a standard incandescent. The bulb is now available on the Home Depot website and will be available in its stores in March.

Like other LEDs, the SlimStyle will meet Energy Star requirements and last for 25,000 hours, or about 20 years of average burning. With its lower price and attractive design, this is a lamp that may still be burning for your grandchildren to see

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