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Plan Your Career Part-1-Humanities

After deciding on your area of interest, it is essential to research what career you are going to pursue, in order to prepare yourself and aim for it accordingly. Ultimately, the decision taken now will decide the outcome of your professional career. The guide below will provide you with an extensive list on the career opportunities in various disciplines which can be opted for. Choose wisely!

The good old, carefree days of school have to end someday to make way for the real world in the life of every individual. Undoubtedly, the real world is competitive. But the good news is, that the real world has a plethora of opportunities up for grabs. The profession which you thought earlier would never transform into a lucrative career can now be pursued and is probably now a popular career option.

The subjects in Humanities offers students the unique chance of learning not only traditional wisdom, but the chance to bring that wisdom to bear on a range of contemporary economic, religious, political, and social questions that are at the heart of human culture and life. It is one of the most intellectually stimulating courses and no longer a second-rung option as one thought earlier.  Careers in Humanities are emerging as a very lucrative option and one should not hesitate in opting for one, provided you are passionate enough about the subject. Getting into the civil services, a legal career, teaching and journalism are usually the most sough-after options.


Being a teacher is considered a highly respectable position in India.
Teaching as a profession is divided into many areas of specializations, each requiring different skill-set and method of training. Some of the major areas of specialization include teaching at nursery schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges- universities, institutes, special schools (for students with specific needs, eg- physically challenged ones etc.
 Where to study?
 University of Delhi, New Delhi
Loyola College, Chennai
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi
University of Mumbai, Mumbai
University of Calcutta, Kolkata
Nursery teacher’s 

Basically, a nursery teacher’s ­responsibility is to create a home away from home for her ­students. The major part of the job includes the development of five important aspects of a child’s personality — cognitive development, speech and ­language ­development, physical development, social development and ­emotional development. Besides this, they also build and maintain ­relationships with parents/guardians to further support pupils as well as ­operate within multi-agency networks to ensure that the correct ­support is available. Hence, in the early years of a child, teachers play a crucial role in preparation for a successful transition to primary school education

ClockworkWhile there are days of special ­activities which are planned in the beginning of every month, a typical day of a nursery teacher looks something like this:

9am: Reach school. Go through the day’s plan
9.10am: Receive the children
9.10am to 9.30am: Go through the routine of saying prayers and singing the national anthem, followed by warm up exercises and recitation of rhymes
9.30am to 12pm: Conduct play activities with kids
12 to 1.30 pm: Plan for the next day, review the day’s activities

The ­payoff
The salary of a school teacher varies from state to state and school to school. Remuneration is great in terms of job satisfaction. However it may not be commensurate with the labour involved, as a nursery school is not part of the organised sector

* Love for young children
* A great deal of energy is required
* Pleasing and engaging ­personality with the knack and patience to connect with a child and ensure his/her progress
* Resourcefulness, creativity and flexiblility combined with time management skills
* Ability to understand a child’s ­psychology and frame of mind

Getting there
The starting point would be the nursery teacher training (NTT) offered as a vocational course at many ­recognised institutes. Other options would be Early Childhood and Care Education (ECCE) offered as a ­distance learning programme at IGNOU

Institutes and URLs
* National Academy of Teacher’s Training, New Delhi
* Ramakrishna Teacher Training Institute, New Delhi
* Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
* University of Delhi

Pros and cons
* Fixed working hours but no ­overtime
* Less financially lucrative as ­compared to other jobs
* Offers good social status
* Immense job satisfaction
* You enjoy various holidays
* It’s great working with children
* You can devote ample time to your family, as the job offers a good work-life balance


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