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Quisple App-Plays Songs on YouTube Without the Videos

The  hassle-free alternative that you may find more handy is Quisple.Plays Songs on YouTube Without the Videos

Quisple is a compact Windows utility that lets you play music from YouTube directly on your desktop without even having to launch the browser. Just type the song name in the Quisple player and it will instantly stream the corresponding song from YouTube.


Internally, Quisple uses the Google APIs to search for that song on YouTube and automatically plays the first search result.  It doesn’t convert the YouTube video to an audio file but only hides the video portion during playback.

Pavel Kounitsky, the developer of Quisple, says that a new version should be available soon

Quisple is a small, simple and free YouTube audio player that will quickly locate and play the song of your choice. Well, usually. The program is compact, lightweight and very easy to use. Just type a song title, maybe just an artist’s name if you can’t decide, press [Enter], and Quisple will search YouTube using those keywords, downloading and playing the first result.

Sometimes this doesn’t quite work as you’d expect. Type “Tik Tok” as we write, for instance, and you’ll get a parody of the song, not the Kesha original – the parody is higher in the search engine results right now.


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