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RailYatri provides an information concierge like services to the Indian Railway passengers and their family/contacts interested in getting personalized real time train and other travel-related data on their journey using modes of communication like Internet, Email, Text Messages, Voice, etc.

With a pan-India platform support spreading across nearly 9000 railway stations and 8000 trains, RailYatri.in’s range of innovative travel information products also facilitates Indian Railways and Businesses to provide various types of services catered towards train travelers. RailYatri.in’s mission is to become the primary information and intelligence hub for travel on Indian Railways.

 The company has recently launched Rail Wisdom, a crowd sourcing platform built on Google maps. It provides contextual and location specific travel tips and trivia on trains, stations and destinations.
Accessible across devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones and compatible with all web browsers, Rail Wisdom allows travelers from all over India share trivia that profit everyone else.Rathi has also launched the National RailYatri Alert Service (NRAS) in November last year. NRAS is an information system that helps passengers find information and sends them alerts on their route, train or destination on their internet enabled phone as well as the website.

NRAS uses customized algorithm to determine the impact of different types of major travel related announcements (new special trains, cancellations, delays, new stoppages), incidents (accidents, planned blockages,) and events (historical, current, and upcoming) at a local station or train level. The platform then provides early alerts to train travelers across nearly 9,000 locations in India to enable them to plan their journey better.

About to start a long journey and wondering if your train is departing on time? Already in the train and wondering if the train is running on time? Would not a one stop source for all you train running information be perfect?

When Manish Rathi teamed up Sachin Saxena to form Stelling Tech in August 2011, they decided to come up with a system that could provide train running information to different stakeholders. Railyatri.in was created as portal that would provide information to passengers on live running status of a train, train timetables, PNR status and coach position amongst others at a click of a button.

‘The response has been heartening. RailYatri.in gets up to 12000 to 14000 visitors per day and we provide information for around 9000 locations and 6500 trains,’ says Rathi, CEO and co-founder of Railyatri.in.

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