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Some rules to follow while updating resume.

  • Scan for unwanted information. As you move progressively up the ladder, there would be some points which would now seem futile to mention in the resume. These points may have been valid when you were seeking a job or when you were at a much lower rung, but no longer remain so. For example, knowledge about MS Office or Excel, co-curricular achievements, academic marks at school etc. Ensure that the resume supports your current profile and is not un-necessarily long due to such old information.

  • Beautify your resume. Don’t let your resume look stale and aged. Hunt for new innovative formats to make it stand out. A simple change in format will transform the resume and give it a brand new look. Any good looking product sells in the market and so will your resume.
  • Proofread. There are no two ways to go about it. You need to and have to proof read the resume to make it great. When you re-look your resume, read it carefully to catch errors you may have missed out earlier. Every time you make alterations, your resume becomes susceptible to errors. Therefore, to avoid any future embarrassment scan it each time and also update your language skills.
  • Get frequent. Be in the habit of updating your resume once in every six months. This exercise can be an eye opener, in the sense that, it will keep reminding you of how proactive you have been in enriching your work experience. Updating your resume on job portals also increases your visibility on them and keeps you informed about the lucrative openings in the market.
  • Look keenly. Make sure to check the trainings/seminars section. Make additions if needed. Any workshop or project experience can add a lot of weight to your profile. The trainings can include technical skills, managerial skills, soft skills etc. Check the accomplishment section too, to append added responsibilities or awards or any sort of acknowledgement from the employer/company. Also consider if the objective is in synch with what you are looking for in the job market today.

 Keep your resume updated and explore what life has in store for you. Be the prospective candidate which every employer wants

Updated: June 5, 2014 — 3:05 am
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