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Self Confidence based on Faith………..

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There is a famous story of a lady from the state of Tennessee in America. In her early childhood, Wilma Rudolph She was born prematurely, weighing only 4.5 pounds — and the doctor doubted she would survive. She developed pneumonia and polio as a child, rendering her disabled for most of her childhood.

For several years, her mother, brother or sister had to message her legs four times a day, and then she had to wear a metal brace for several years. Wilma didn’t start school (at all black Cobb High School) until she was eight. Her father was a porter and her mother was a maid. Like other poor people of that era,.

She wore a brace on her left leg and an orthopedic shoe on her foot, and the specialist doctors told Wilma she would never be able to put her foot on the floor. As a little child, however, she told her mother, “I want to run on these legs and be the fastest lady on earth.” The doctors said these were the fanciful notions of an ignorant child, that medically she was a hopeless case.
But little Wilma’s mother told her that a person gets one’s abilities from God. “Just persevere, have faith, and don’t be discouraged,” she said. In a couple of years Wilma was able to take off the orthopedic foot she was wearing for support. She put her foot on the floor and took her first step.

 At school she entered into a race, and she lost; she came in last place, way behind everyone else. People were laughing at her, ridiculing her. “What are you doing in this race?” In every race she ended up coming last, but she had faith that she could do great things with the help of God, if she persevered.

Some years later, in the 1960s, she won three Olympic gold medals and set world records for running. In the 1960s she was considered the fastest woman in the world. Her self-confidence was not based upon her successes or her achievements; her self confidence was based on faith in God and her faith in herself… “Whether I win or lose doesn’t matter; I’m going to try.”

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