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Sharing Web Links Without Cutting and Pasting

Is there an easier way to email a web page link on the Nexus 7 than copying and pasting the link from the browser into the mail app?

If you are using the standard Chrome browser that comes with the Android operating system on the Nexus 7, go to the page URL you want to send. Tap the icon on the far-right side of the menu bar; the icon looks like a vertical stack of three dots. When the menu opens, tap Share.

On the Share menu, you can do multiple things with the URL for the open web page, like posting it to a Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook account, or sending it to another device over a wireless Bluetooth connection. Or easily paste the link into the body of an email by tapping either Gmail or Email — whichever mail program you use on the tablet — on the list of sharing options. A new message will pop open with the link in the body. You just need to enter an address in the To field and add any explanatory text necessary in the body of the message.

Other Android-compatible browsers most likely have a similar menu or button for sharing web page links by mail.

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