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IT Skills That Are Becoming Obsolete

 Lotus Notes administrator. Once one of the three big platforms, now more people are moving to hosting email in the cloud or using free platforms like Gmail.

Novell GroupWise administrator. Marketshare for GroupWise appears to be rather small in most industries

Traditional telephony.  Use of PBXs is declining as more and more companies are switching to mobile platforms, VoIP-enabled phones and collaborative communications platforms like Microsoft Lync.

Server-only admin skills. Virtualization is becoming more ubiquitous and fewer physical servers are being deployed, meaning there are fewer to set up and configure.

 Windows XP/2003 and earlier. Why? Mainly because the operating systems are reaching their end of life and won’t be supported/updated by Microsoft any longer. Also, new applications no longer support them.

Silverlight. This was Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash and it can’t be used with the new Windows Store (metro) apps or on a Windows phone.

Adobe Flash.  After Adobe stopped supporting mobile platforms in 2011, more websites started moving to HTML 5, which works on mobile and desktop Oss. While there is still demand for Flash.

COBOL, FORTRAN and other mainframe languages. Although they were popular and commonly used for years, the majority of programming work has transitioned to modern, object-oriented languages like ObjectiveC, Java, C++ and C#.

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