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Here are a few things freshers must keep in mind during campus placements.

Campus hiring is a big platform for students to get noticed in the job market and is a great addition to their job or internship search. Most aspirants follow methods such as conducting online research and reviewing job websites to boost their chances of landing a good job. Here are a  few things freshers must keep in mind during campus placements.

Campus placement drives allow you to connect with employers and industry experts directly. Employers conduct information sessions to educate candidates about the various career options available and also to ensure that talented candidates are spotted easily. Enrol with your college/university placement committee to stay connected.

You must know what’s on offer. Make a list of potential employers after carefully assessing your potential, interest, aptitude and job profile that is likely to be offered. This will simplify the process for you.

After zeroing in on potential recruiters, write down what they expect from you and make an assessment as to whether you have what they want from you.  Do not be choosy, be flexible yet firm in your thoughts.

Learn to understand the offer being made. Analyse all pros and cons and also compare job offers in case there is more than one. Do not lay too much stress on the remuneration. Also take into consideration factors such as job role, flexi-timings, opportunities for growth etc.

Remember that the way you present yourselves will matter a lot… in a lot of cases, the first impression that you can make on your employer is likely to be the last. Also keep in mind that your academic performance is important and is related to the job that you actually get. The mix of steady academic scores, subject knowledge and good communication and interpersonal skills can lead to a good campus placement and a rewarding career.

Updated: June 5, 2014 — 3:05 am
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