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Here are some tips for successful telephonic interviews

Listen carefully: It is always possible to miss out and misunderstand words on telephone. During interviews, this can lead to miscommunication and you may not understanding the question correctly and giving wrong answers. Moreover, it may also make the interviewer think that you are not interested in the interview. So, be alert and listen carefully.

Take the call in a peaceful place: Ensure that the place where you take the call is quiet and peaceful. Too much noise can distract you and you may lose your focus. Moreover, even the interviewer may find it difficult to communicate clearly, leading to confusions and an unpleasent experience for both the parties.

Avoid distractions: Stay away from all types of distractions during the call. Switch off any other phones or electrical appliances lying nearby that may cause disturbance. Do not try to multitask or do other petty tasks during an interview call. These lead to loss of focus and is also disrespectful to the interviewer.

Do not pause for too long or add too many fillers: Pausing for too long or adding fillers like ‘hmmm’, ‘ahh’ etc make the interviewer doubt your knowledge and confidence. The interviewer cannot see you and as such, long pauses can actually create confusions and can be disturbing during the conversation. So, never pause for too long or use too many fillers. If you need time to think about something, state it up front.

Be prepared: Ensure that whatever you need during the call is lying nearby. Keep any documents, files etc that you think you may need during the call handy. Keep them organised so that you can find them quickly when required. Charge your cellphone beforehand so that the call does not get disconnected during the interview. If the documents you need are on your computer, either take a printout or keep them open on your screen so that you can quickly refer to them, without wasting the interviewer’s time.

Your performance on a telephonic interview decides whether your candidature will be taken forward or not. Remember, telephonic interviews are just screening interviews and there is a lot to look forward to. Be confident and see how the doors of opportunities open up for you.

Updated: June 5, 2014 — 3:06 am
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