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Ways to get rid of eye bags

Do you suffer from unsightly dark circles and under eye bags? Here are a ways to treat them.

Though under eye bags are known to be one of the natural effects of ageing, they can also be caused due to lack of sleep, allergies or habits that promote water retention and they make your eyes look tired and worn out.

Reduce the intake of salt: Since they are often caused by retention of water due to high salt concentration, cutting down on salt may reduce the bulges.

Drink plenty of water: Maximising your water intake will flush out toxins and excess salt from your system, thereby reducing the under eye bags. Avoid salty foods for the rest of the day.

Soothe your eyes: You must have heard how placing cucumbers over your eyes will help reduce the darkness and the bags, but it’s actually the cool temperature that soothes the area. Instead of just using cucumbers, you can also use ice or cold tea leaf bags.

Pat on some concealer: Concealing the under eye bags will a concealer or a light-weight foundation is the quickest way to cover the area. The right makeup will also reduce the appearance of bags and will keep you looking fresh all day.

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