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Win 8 photos in Paint and not Photos apps

As with previous versions of Windows, you just need to set the file associations for .JPG photos (or other image types) to open in the program of your choice, instead of the default program Windows is set to use. If you have opened a picture and suddenly find yourself in the Photos app in the ‘Modern’ user interface side of Windows 8, click the image to summon the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
Click the ‘Open with’ icon in the toolbar. Here, you can select Paint or another image-editing application from the list instead of Photos. Make sure the checkbox is turned on next to “Use this app for all . jpg files” so that pictures open in Paint from now on.
If you are still in the desktop mode and have a folder of pictures open, right-click on an image, go to “Open with” on the drop-down menu and then select “Choose default program.” You can then select your preferred program for opening pictures. To change the associations for several types of files at once, press the Windows and the W keys to jump to the Search Settings box and type in “associations.” Click the option for “Change the file type associated with a file extension” to open the Set Associations box with the controls for choosing programs for all the various file types on your computer. (Microsoft’s site has more information in setting default apps in Windows 8 and later as well.)
And if you find yourself in the Modern user interface by accident at other times, you can always return to the desktop mode quickly by pressing the Windows and D keys on the keyboard. Pressing the Windows key alone toggles back and forth between the Start screen and current screen.
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